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Brittany Walker


Mission, Level & Content Designer

AAA third-person open-world ARPG based on the Harry Potter IP

Mission Designer | Avalanche Software


  • Crafted content for a dedicated set of missions utilizing Unreal Engine Blueprinting in collaboration with our Narrative and Systems Design teams.

  • Evaluated each piece of content against core mission objectives and set design standards.

  • Utilized proprietary backend systems for NPC scheduling, Mission Management, and more.

  • Collaborated with various systems teams to fine-tune each mission element for an enhanced player experience

Rudra landscape.png

(Coming Soon - Alpha Phase)


AAA third-person ARPG based on ancient Hindu epics

Sr. Level & Environment Designer | Third Eye Studios

  • Designed and blocked out all game levels

  • Designed interactable object cleanses outside of combat

  • Utilizing tools created by the environment team to design and create each environment piece

  • Created the Blueprinting that controls various aspects of interactable objects

  • Worked with our Narrative Designer to design the gameplay flow for each level and mission experience

Tale of Two Crows Title.png

Twin Stick Shooter, Multiplayer RPG built for co-op/competitive gameplay

9-Months as a Sr. Level Designer | University of Utah

  • Designed and blocked out all game levels

  • Populated environments with textures and environment pieces 

  • Worked with each team to test and optimize interactive objects for an optimized player experience

  • Designed the blueprinting required for level transitions


Who am I?

Hello adventurer...

I am a Level Designer, Mission Designer, and nerd extraordinaire.

I've worked as a Project Manager and Client Account Manager for roughly

12 years in various tech creation. In other words, I am organized and get s*** done.


My expertise includes...

- In-depth understanding of level design theory and  methodologies

- Strong vision communicator and Narrative Designer 

- Interpersonal communication between teamsclients, and major stakeholders

Where would I fit best in your team?

I'm a team member who is able to maintain a strong vision for the work I do,

with an enthusiasm that's extraordinarily contagious for

each member of the team I work with.

I view challenges as spectacular opportunities to learn and grow, and I

embrace the motto to "fail fast, and fail often."

These characteristics have allowed me to push both my

projects and my teams to incredible heights.

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